Strawberry caprese salad سلطه كابريس الفراوله 


Caprese salad is one of the most delicious Italian salads that I ever tried. It is simply made of sliced fresh mozzarella , tomatoes and green basil, seasoned with salt, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. But in my recipe today, instead of tomatoes I used these very sweet strawberries that gave the salad a new different caprese taste. Honestly, when I saw this recipe on Pinterest I was afraid to try it, it did not sound right for me :), but definitely I was very mistaken, it is really very tasty and satisfying salad that you can prepare it as an appetizer with ciabatta or baguette bread, or with a meal as a side dish, or maybe you can serve it as a dessert, it is sweet, cheesy, and tasty.

Salads usually consider a summer food, but for me I make this salad any time I feel like I want a light meal to energize my body, and maybe it sounds a bit weird if I say I am a winter Salad consumer 😀 yes I am, because in winter I try hardly to manage my weight :(,so consuming salads helping me so much on that. I found this salad even yummier at winter because of these strawberries I used, they are a California’s strawberry, and strawberry in California are harvested in winter, that is the secret behind the sweet  fresh taste of these strawberries that makes this recipe even taste better at winter.

to prepare this salad just follow the steps bellow,

Ingredients(one serving)

1 cup sliced fresh strawberries

2 Tsp chopped green basil

1\4 cup chopped walnut (I used pecans)

1\2 cup mozzarella balls (you can add more if you prefer)


1 tsp olive oil

1 tsp balsamic veniger

sea sale as preferred


Combine all ingredients together ,drizzle it with the dressing and enjoy it fresh.


هذه السلطه من اطيب السلطات الايطاليه المفضله عندي، وهي بالاصل تتكون من البندوره وشرائح الموزيريلا مع الريحان و تتطيب بزيت الزيتون وخل البلسمك والملح. 

في هذه الوصفه انا استعملت الفراوله عوضا عن البندوره، طعم جديد لكنه طيب جدا 

لتجهيز هذه الوصفه فقط اتبعي الخطوات التاليه

المقادير ) تكفي لشخص واحد 

١ كوب فراوله مقطع شرائح

٢ ملعقه كبيره ريحان اخضر طازج

١/٤ كوب جوز مقطع

١/٢ كوب جبنة موزيريلا مقطعه  

لتحضير الصوص 

١ ملعقه صغيره زيت زيتون

١ ملعقه صغيره خل بلسمك

ملح حسب الرغبه


نخلط المقادير سويا ثم نرشها بالصوص وتقدم طازجه وصحتين وعافيه . 


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