)Fattet Makdous(Stuffed eggplant layered dish)

I was honored to participate in a very special Ramadan event with a very special food blogger , my friend Lubna Kareem . I introduced one of the yummiest side dishes which is so much popular during Ramadan time which is Fattet Makdous. you can find the English version of this recipe is on Ramadan Special JOY FROM FASTING TO FEASTING -IX

fatet m 1

For Arabic version read the all story here .


4 thoughts on “)Fattet Makdous(Stuffed eggplant layered dish)

  1. Salaam Areej! Ramadan Mubarak! MashahAllah a very lovely blog you have got there. I love Arabic food and yours is filled with it. I had fattet for the first time yesterday, which was made by my Lebanese neighbour and i fell in love with it. Your recipe looks too good. Will try. Found your blog through Lubnas blog and I am glad that I did. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your supportive words and I am very happy that you liked my blog… You are very welcome to leave your comments or notes always … And thanks for Lubna as well for sharing my blog so other bloggers can find it and share my recipes with them… I really appreciate that


  2. Assalamualaikum Areej! Stunning like always! I have not had eggplant version as I have a very picky partner. I read the post at Lubna’s space too and glad you shared about Fatteh in general! Though Middle East is a vast region, each region has its own tweaks and so I personally love the Lebanese versions. MashaAllah! please continue your amazing work!

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