Ciabatta Bread (خبز السياباتا)


I am a huge fan of bread, I love to bake it and eat it, and I love to try new methods of preparing bread. I used to buy Ciabatta bread from Sam’s club, I am always buying the whole grain ciabatta, it is yummy and healthy, but honestly I never thought of trying to bake ciabatta before, until just a couple of days ago , when I saw a ciabatta bread recipe on Pinterest, that was very easy to make, so I thought, “why not to try?”.

ciabatta7Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil, and yeast, Ciabatta is somewhat elongated, broad, and flat, and is baked in many variations.


ciabatta11Like most kind of bread, to prepare Ciabatta you should prepare the starter dough 12 to 24 hours earlier, that what we call a biga, using a biga adds complexity to the bread’s flavor and is often used in breads that need a light, open texture with holes.

 when preparing Ciabatta, you will notice that there are 3 stages to fermentation, the first will be when preparing biga, second time after the dough Kneaded, and the last time after forming the loaves. I have to admit that it was really interesting to play with this dough, and to bake this yummy bread.


To prepare this recipe just follow the steps below,

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