Middles Eastern Za’atar pinwheels


This recipe is one of the dearest recipe to my heart, it reminds me with my lovely mother who influenced me a lot with her tasty food, and this recipe is one of that recipes that MOM used to prepare as soon as the Spring arrives, because Spring is the official season of collecting Za’atar ; which is an arabic name for Oregano that grows throughout hills and mountains of Jordan and Palestine. When spring is there in Jordan villagers used to spread out throughout mountains looking for fresh Za’atar and other wild herbs that was just founded there, I still remember that old days when my MOM, Grandma, me and my sisters were having fun walking throughout the hills and trying to pick as much as we can of these herbs, unfortunately, old days never come back 😦 .


Fatayer Falhi is another name for these pies which means the villager fatayer or pies. It is a very simple and basic dough which filled with fresh Za’atar leaves ,onion, and Sumac. Olive oil is used in a plenty amount on this recipe so these pies will turn very yummy and crunchy.


to prepare these very yummy pies just follow the steps bellow,

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Naan Pizza

pizza sh1

This is one of my family best dishes, they enjoy having it any time, breakfast or dinner no matter :), it is simple , quick and tasty recipe. Using naan as a pizza dough is a time consuming step, just place your naan on the baking sheet top them with your favorite sauce and any topping of you preference, bake them and enjoy :).

I topped my naan here with a deferent two delicious topping. The first was topped with a shakshuka topping 😀 , that sounds crazy right!! believe me it is my favorite kind of pizza so yummy and delicious. a home made pizza sauce( which I will post soon) , with a poached egg a above it and mozzarella cheese mmmmm so tasty. to whom that my not know what the shakshuka is; it is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. it is an Arabic authenticated meal that usually served on dinner with pitta bread. The second type of pizza was a pesto sauce pizza which was so incredibly yummy.


to prepare this very quick meal just follow the steps bellow,

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Falafel الفلافل


Falafel is one of the most famous traditional and authenticate middle eastern  food. I don’t know exactly which  Arabic country started the idea of this yummy Patties, But it is one of the main food that should be on any middle eastern  morning table, accompanied with Hummus and Foul (Fava beans with tahini sauce). Falafel in Egypt is known as Taʿmiyya and it is mainly prepared with both chickpeas and fava beans mix.

Falafel now days considered as a global food in most cultures and  countries and it is one of the most favorite food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Falafel can be served as an appetizers with tahini sauce dip that called (Tartoor) sauce, or inside a Pitta Pocket or a flat bread wrap. I personally prefer Falafel as a Pitta pocket sandwich. I just cut the Pitta bread in half then stuff the pockets with hummus, Falafel, Cucumber pickles, with a drizzle of hot sauce and olive oil. It is just Yummy!!😋


Falafel is made of chickpeas and Fava beans. That makes it high in Protein, Carbohydrates and fibers so it is a rich nutritive food.

It is easy to prepare these yummy falafel patties at home; Ground the chickpeas and Fava beans (if it is preferred or added) and various herbs; add spices, shape them (as mentioned bellow), then fry them in a deep canola oil until they are brownish and crunchy. Then serve them with Hummus or Tahini sauce (Tartoor sauce).


To prepare the Falafel patties, just follow the steps bellow:

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