Berries citrus cheese pound cake


ras cake3

This cake is one of the most tasty and successful cakes that I ever baked.This is a heavy, dense, extremely good pound cake. Combination of citrus, cheese flavor and berries sauce in the same cake 😋, the orange and lemon zests with the berries sauce just added a very unique flavor, sweet and zesty😀.

my family always loved this cake, and with the addition of the berries sauce, thy love it even more.

if you are looking for the ultimate rich dense buttery pound cake,definitely, this is the perfect recipe you are looking for. Just bake it and enjoy it. For best results, bake this cake a day before serving. Store, wrapped in plastic, next day just serve it with more of the sauce on top of it.

ras cake 2

to prepare this cake just follow the steps below

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Date cake cheesecake



I posted before Cardamom date muffins recipe, which was very yummy and successful. More than one hundred applies to the recipe I received with pictures for the muffins, and many greetings were sent to me for how successful the recipe was. I was so happy and proud of my self, So I thought maybe I can upgrade my recipe to the next level by adding a layer of a date cheesecake in-between two layers of Date cake, and maybe upgraded it more by topping it with coconut raffaello which made this upgraded cake explodes with the most original Arabic flavors, which will never be forgotten taste,and yes, I baked the cake, I prepared the cheesecake,and yes I topped it with the dreamy taste of coconut balls, and I can not describe how these mixed flavors and texture when you have the first bite of it, you just fall in love in the same time and can not resist to eat it all, I am sure you will lick your fork until the last bite 😀


I made this cake on the honer of my mother in-law birthday, it really made me so happy to see a smile on her old face, with an appreciation look, and what made me the most happy was how much they loved the cake design and the taste.


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Matcha cake cheese cake


Have you tried Matcha green tea powder yet? If not, then you are missing a lot! Matcha has a very strong flavor and it is full of healthy benefits. This fine green powder  was used in preparing drinks, but now days Matcha started to be used as flavor in preparing food, cakes and desserts. I think it is the right time for you to try using the matcha powder by trying this cake-cheese cake recipe, which have a triple shot of matcha flavor, sweet, creamy and fluffy, and still considers kind of healthy treat.

I personally drink matcha latte mostly every morning, and I don’t mind of flavoring my food or desserts with it. I made matcha rice pudding before, it was very yummy healthy pudding which starts to be one of the most prepared recipe inside my house. I prepared matcha Japanese cotton cake that I did’t post yet; which had a dreamy flavor with a nice velvet green color, I baked many kind of cupcakes and muffins with match inside, beside of the matcha drinks and shakes.


In this recipe I prepared a non bake cheesecake. I baked the cake and let it cool down, then divided it into two equal halves. To make a perfect shape cake-cheesecake; I used the same baking pan that I baked the matcha cake in, lined it with cling wrap, put the first layer of the cake in the bottom of the pan, then poured the cheesecake batter over it, I finished with the second halve of the cake as a top layer. chilled it over night, next evening me and the family enjoyed it with matcha whipping cream and fresh raspberries.


to prepare this recipe just follow the steps bellow,

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