Hijazi coffee القهوة الحجازية


A group of friends and I, whom have the same interest of cooking and serving a yummy food, created a Facebook group for collecting the original and traditional Arabic recipes that unfortunately some of them are already have been forgotten, so we decided to remind our people of these recipe and in the same time we thought that it is a great opportunity to show the whole world our great recipes that are belong to Arab world, especially some of these recipe unfortunately had been named to another foreign countries. Our Facebook group called Arabic flavor and it basically works by choosing one host every month that propose a traditional recipe from his\her country and the other members on the group should apply this recipe, then at the end of the month all members should share the recipe all over their pages, blogs, website and Facebook groups, to ensure that this recipe reaches the most number of people all around the world. It is been a year and four months since this group created and we already applied and shared many recipes, but for me this is the first recipe I am sharing it on my blog, and I will try to post the rest of the recipes consecutively soon.


Let me return to the recipe now, the recipe this month was amazing and tasteful, it was proposed by Asma Alawi from Saudi Arabia, it is a traditional drink that is been serving to the guests there, it is called Coffee but actually it has no caffeine at all and it is so nutritious and yummy, even you can serve it to your kids as well. this drink mainly made from almond, milk, and rice flour with any Arabic flavor you like to use(cardamom, cinnamon, anise star, ginger  or any other preferred flavor).


to prepare this drink just follow the steps bellow,

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