Lentil Soup شوربة عدس

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We are less than two months away from Ramadan! For Muslims around the world it is a month of reflexion, worshipping ALLAH, reading Quran, getting closer to ALLAH and making Dua’a, it is a time for relaxation and feeling the peace , and fasting from sunrise to sunset. Fasting in Ramadan is not just because we have to fast, it is an opportunity of our sins to be forgiven and our Dua’a to be answered,it is the time to change our life completely by turning back to ALLAH.

This year the holy month of Ramadan falls in the summer, which make fasting a tough task for Muslims, As the body loses liquids during the fast,so Muslims need to rehydrate themselves as soon as the Iftar time comes. Iftar is a word that means evening meal which coms at the sun set time, and Iftar weighs heavy on the brain with the long hours of fasting during summer:). Traditionally, the fast is broken with dates and water,followed with a bowel of soup, then the main meal. In Ramadan,the soup is one of the main courses that should be on Iftar table ; to be more specific; it considers a starter for Iftar. Starting with soup at Iftar will replenish the fluids lost in the body while fasting during the day. It also prepares your digestive system for the rest of the meal and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. In addition, soup is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are essential for the body. Many flavors and types of soups are to be served in Ramadan but the most famous three soups that almost you can see one of them on Iftar table are , either lentil soup, vegetable soup, or Freekeh soup, which are all full of fluid, nutritions, and rich in fibers and protein . For my family, lentil soup is the favorite during Ramadan that I almost cook it daily as a starter for our Iftar.

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My recipe for lentil soup is the basic one, no addition of veggies or other legumes, it is just brings out the flavor of lentil combined with the flavor of cumin seeds spice and turmeric which give the soup the velvet rich color, adding the onion with some olive oil just add a pleasant taste to this delicious soup


I felt that this recipe is the perfect one to start my Ramadans series of recipes that I will start to post consecutively on my blog as a way to prepare you for the avalanche of scrumptious Ramadan-y recipes to come.

to prepare this recipe just follow the steps bellow,

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